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Internet Love Story

Uploaded by 2ndgrader on Dec 26, 2004


It's a cool spring night in L.A. I should be outside kicking back, holding up the wall, chugging on a 40, instead, I'm sitting in a stuffy, cluttered little room, typing my screen name and password into my computer so I can log onto AOL. I'm bored. I'm restless. I'm lonely. I'm depressed.

Once I navigate through the pop-up advertisements AOL throws at me almost daily and slog through a couple of digital reams of junk mail I pull up my shareware IRC chat program (which rather silly and pathetic, like " I have yet to register, shame on me) and connect to an EF net server. I'm one of the gazillions of schmucks out there looking for love in cyberspace. If I think about it too hard, it becomes why the hell are you here when you should be out meeting people in real life?" So I don't think about it. I just cruise.

I join a couple of different chat rooms. I make a little idle chit chat. I get in some of the naughty channels. I don't care what you've heard, unless you have the intelligence of a cabbage, cybersex gets real old, real fast. There are only so many ways you can type, "oh yes, baby, do it just like that." I'm one of them weirdo's who thinks that our biggest sexual organ is the brain.

I get bored, so I start showing off in a channel. I defy gravity, I make things appear and disappear, I dance all over the room. A little voice in the back of my mind tells me "you do realize you're just trying to get attention because you're lonely, don't you?" I tell the little voice what to go do with itself.

But there's someone in the room who likes my shenanigans. Her nom de cybre is AbbyCat, and she joins in the fun. And after we play for a while in the public room, we create a little private room for a more intimate chat. Our chatting becomes incredibly naughty, only this time it's actually interesting. The woman on the other end has intelligence, charm, and a sense of humor. Frankly, you don't find too many of those in the naughty chatrooms, because they've been chased away by HNG's who have the personalities of leeches and the imagination of slugs.

We continue for a while, enjoying the role-playing aspects...

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Uploaded by:   2ndgrader

Date:   12/26/2004

Category:   Internet

Length:   7 pages (1,644 words)

Views:   14773

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