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Interpret "History is part myth, part hope and part rea

"History is part myth, part hope and part reality."

History is, by definition, an account of what had happened in the past. One may wonder then how it can be anything but the truth. Most often, "History is written by the winners"; thus, the accounts of historical events are, from the beginning, biased. Though biases infiltrate History from its initiation, this is not the only way in which History is tainted. Throughout the years, History is retold, reinterpreted and changed becoming little more than "part myth, part hope and part reality".

Originally, people used stories and epics to retell their pasts. Occasionally, it was nothing more than that. An individual might create a story to explain the beginning of the universe. Another may have told a story explaining the origin of rain. Even today, we believe in such accounts to explain the unexplainable. Christians, for example, read the Bible to discern such events as the beginning of the earth. For those who believe, those accounts are indeed what happened; for those who remain unbelievers, some aspects of man's past will continue to be unexplainable. Nonetheless, the most ancient History is based on something about which we may never be certain, so History, in a sense, originates from myth.

Trying to discern what is "real" in History should be the most simplistic part of analysis. Regardless of the interpretation, the events will remain relatively unchanged. Through the years, the details of the story and the way in which the story is told change. The real component of History is perhaps the most important because without this section there would, in essence, be no History. Historians would have nothing to write about having no events on which to base their accounts. If it were possible to write History without a trace of hope nor myth, it would still remain impossible to create History without real events.

Is it possible to find "pure" History? One might think the answer to such a question would be easy; for, History obviously begins in a pure form. An event happens, and someone is there to witness it. Unfortunately, creating History is not that simple. A major portion of what we know about the past comes from documented accounts. As the saying goes "There are two sides to every story." Unfortunately, there is not always a chance for both sides to record their stories, so that which...

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Interpret "History is part myth, part hope and part rea

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