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Issues Regarding Ethnic Discrimination

Issues Regarding Ethnic Discrimination

Ethnic discrimination in our schools is a growing concern. Ethnic discrimination in schools can be defined as not giving a person an equal education on account of their race. I believe that this is a big problem because that if we discriminate against our students we will ultimately lower our college attendance rates. There are classes that stress anti-racism for not only the students, but the teachers as well. Students of all races lose when they are not given the chance to learn from teachers of all races. Teachers also lose out when they are not given the chance to learn how to teach to students of different races. We students and faculty at Washington Union might think that this “ethnic discrimination” is a long way away. However, how many African-American students do we have in our honors or AP classes? How many times have you heard students complaining that members of a different racial class receive “special privileges”?

As you can see there is discrimination right here at home. Ethnic discrimination in our schools has been going on since the emancipation proclamation, but in the last thirty years it has been making a drastic comeback (www.harvardstudies.com). Ever since the governor of Arkansas had to call soldiers to try and stop the “Little Rock 9” from attending Central high school there have been a barrage of other discriminatory acts committed in our schools. One of those acts that set the standards for the others was the class action suit “regents of the University of California v. Bakke”. This case was filed by a young black man that claimed he was not admitted to college on the account of him being black. The Supreme Court ruled that quotas would be prohibited and that colleges could use ethnicity as a factor of admission (www.blkhismonth.com).

After this case, another case in the seventies was brought into the court system that was on the account of a white man not being excepted to UCDavis on the account of his being white. This was after a later Supreme Court had named the University v. Bakke decision unconstitutional (www.chicagotrib.com). One might think that these cases weren’t that big of a deal, or that they would not affect them. Au Contraire, when a certain bunch of people are...

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Issues Regarding Ethnic Discrimination

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