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Judaism versus Christianity

Uploaded by cherryll on May 17, 2014

A comparison of Judaism and Christianity provide many interesting perspectives on the issue of faith that characterize and separates them .These two faiths have much in common yet there are glaring fundamental differences that separate them. What makes the contrasts between Judaism and Christianity so fascinating is that in spite of the much later origin of Christianity, the two faiths were in essence “separated at birth” because Christianity arose out of Judaism. An exploration of them both highlights where they have remained the same as well as where they have grown apart. The details of their beliefs comprise the difference between them. Some of the differences are obvious and significant of nearly any examination of the two groups. Other differences may seem to take only a second to most examinations and may be insignificant to the members of the two groups as well. Now lets discuss a little bit on the basics on Judaism so we can all have a better understanding of how it works. Judaism is one of the world’s oldest religions, dating back up to 2000 years BC from the time when God first called Abraham to leave his home and follow him. At that time, God made a covenant (or agreement) with Abraham in which he promised to make Abraham the father of a great nation and that one day his descendants would inherit the land of Canaan if Abraham followed him. Now through Moses, God gave the law of the people of Israel and the fulfillment of the promises became...

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Uploaded by:   cherryll

Date:   05/17/2014

Category:   Religion

Length:   13 pages (2,883 words)

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Judaism versus Christianity

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