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Keeping Drugs Illegal until the Costs are Lowered

Keeping Drugs Illegal until the Costs are Lowered

It’s all about usage of illegal drugs and how many are dying because of these drugs the author is focusing on legal usage of alcohol and illegal usage of drugs. What he’s trying to say is if we make all the illegal drugs legal and just put some restriction just like we have on our alcohol usage maybe that would lower the percentage of using illegal drugs such as marijana, coke etc. and if drugs ever are legalized they will be dispensed as alcohol

So it seems reasonable to conclude that at least four to six million people will become potheads if marijuana is legal, and that coke addicts will number somewhere between 8.5 million (if regular usage doubles and 70 percent become addicted) and 42 million.). The number of people abusing legalized drugs will come close to those hooked on alcohol. A pessimist would figure the human damage as much greater. 115 million Americans who consume alcohol, 85 percent rarely become intoxicated; with drugs, intoxication is the whole idea.

As you all know alcohol consumption in the United States averaged 2.6 gallons per person per year. It fell to 0.73 gallons during the Prohibition decade, then doubled to 1.5 gallons in the decade after repeal, and is now back to 2.6 gallons. So illegality suppressed usage to a third or a fourth of its former level. At the same time, incidence of cirrhosis of the liver fell by half. Also by making this entire illegal drug legal won’t lower the percentage of human life wasting each year but maybe its help in other way to lower the usage of illegal drugs. So there seems no alternative but to keep drugs illegal and to fight the criminals who traffic in them. Regardless of what legalization advocates would say about it.

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Keeping Drugs Illegal until the Costs are Lowered

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