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Kia’s Dramatic Life

Uploaded by lil_dee99 on Nov 05, 2005

Kia’s Dramatic Life

Typically, when a baby is born, people are extremely happy and joyful, but this didn’t happen when Kia was born. Kia’s mother had an unusual and tough pregnancy, but gave birth in East General Hospital at 5:49 am. In a sweet and loving voice the young nurse said, “Your baby is very healthy and has a wonderful sparkle in her green eyes.” But no one replied. The nurse sadly and quietly whispered to Kia’s mother’s doctor, “She must be in shock, or unconscious for she isn’t replying.” Unfortunately, this was not the case; Kia’s mother had died after her seven-pound baby had been born. Since little Kia had no other relatives that were able to take care of her, the doctors at the hospital did not know what to do. Her father had never kept in contact and could not be located. The doctors talked amongst each other, with social workers and decided that Kia and her two-year-old sister, Nicole, would have to be put up for adoption or live in an orphanage.

“I was told that when I turn seven we’ll move to a foster home, do you believe that Nicole?” asked Kia.
“Ya, I do, I hope we get a nice, rich lady so I can have every toy in the world!” replied nine-year old Nicole.
“You’re just greedy, I don’t want to leave, I love it here!” Since the tragic death of these young girls’ mother they have been living at the Deep River Orphanage, for almost seven years. Kia continued talking, as if she were in a dream world, “This place has everything I need. I have all my friends and a great school. Everything is so cozy and warm, my bedroom full of all eight of us girls, is like living at camp all year-round. Everyone who works here is nice and don’t treat me badly. Besides, haven’t you heard all the awful stories about foster parents?” Nicole didn’t answer, she never had many friends here, and she never seemed to have confidence to talk to people. She wanted to leave.

One regular autumn Saturday, Kia and Nicole were woken up...

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Uploaded by:   lil_dee99

Date:   11/05/2005

Category:   Stories

Length:   8 pages (1,898 words)

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Kia’s Dramatic Life

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