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Law Enforcement Management

Uploaded by CaseyP on Oct 19, 2016

Law Enforcement Management
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The police service has been subjected to a series of continual change over the last few decades. These changes have been stimulated by the introduction of new policies such as new public management initiative (NPM). The main tenet of the NPM is the promotion of new managerial and professional subjectivities while utilizing a wide range of managerial tools and techniques that are aimed at reconfiguring the professional attitude, priorities, values, and self-understanding. The central elements in the police service have been the re-branding from ‘force’ to ‘service’ and the promotion of feminized professional norm, increased tolerance and creation of equal and unbiased opportunity for all (Deljkić, Lučić-ČatiĆ, 2011). The success of such models requires a reorientation of the policing performance from a system that legitimizes a competitive masculine subjectivity while emphasizing crime fighting and reduction to a more ethical and professional model that is based on the community and its occupants while adopting a problem-solving orientation and equality principles. In the light of poor public image and discrimination, the police service has been compelled to abandon the traditional culture where harassment and macho masculinity are prominent. At the start of the new millennium, police officers around the world are witnessing a gradual change in the ways their leadership is structured and in their professional roles and identities.
Implementation of Community Policing
To ensure that community policing is successful, there should exist a permanent change in the organizational culture and the orientation of the individual police officers and their senior leadership. However, many scholars have highlighted policing culture as the main hindrance to this new philosophy. The traditional policing is comprised of a formalized bureaucratic and standardized set of working conditions and systems with a profoundly entrenched and pervasive professional culture. The identity of the traditional policing is constructed as a mechanism of fighting crime. The traditional policing emphasize on reactive and incident driven policing which squarely fits into the masculine domain with the societal stereotypes of manliness mapping on the requirements to be a good cop. The cop culture that has mainly developed due to traditional policing has three main qualities; informality, solidarity, and masculinity (Bain, Robinson, Conser, 2014). This form of policing is endemic and enduring in the police services and towards the values of machismo, action, sexism, political and social conservatism and in extreme cases racism. Research has revealed a substantial amount...

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Uploaded by:   CaseyP

Date:   10/19/2016

Category:   Management

Length:   12 pages (2,610 words)

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Law Enforcement Management

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