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Uploaded by CaseyP on Nov 12, 2018

Leadership Challenges Facing the Army
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Leadership Challenges Facing the Army
Over the past decades, the United States Army, the most instrumental and vital branch of our military has seen a robust growth in terms of capacity and strength. The army has been actively engaged in missions all over the world especially in volatile regions in Africa, the Middle East, and East Asia where the United States has strategic interests. Training is a core pillar in the United Army an aspect that has enabled it to operate in almost every region in the world without being limited by cultural challenges. The United States has been allocating sizable investments to offer the best training to its personnel in uniforms to maintain units that can operate in dynamic theatres involving local politics, urban warfare among others (US Department of Defense, 2014). However, over the recent past, the United States army has faced a significant challenge in leadership development. This is a current challenge facing the US army. This paper sets to discuss the challenge of leadership development currently affecting the United States Army.
Leadership Development as a Challenge
The United States Army Press released a statement of the current challenges facing the army and which have the potential to affect its operations in missions worldwide. Among the several challenges listed was that of developing army leadership (Bradshaw, 2018). The military and the army differ from all other institutions in the United States in many ways but most importantly its highly dynamic form of personnel management. As expected with all the branches of the military, service men and women are categorized depending on their experience in the army, accomplishments, and level of training. These ranks in the army establish what is referred to as the chain of command that allows operational efficiency through a code of discipline. The ranks allow communication to flow from senior commanders to low-level officers such as platoon members in the infantry. Although decisions are open to negotiation in most cases, orders from a senior commander are not questioned. Military ranks keep on changing at a significant rate for the army personnel. For both commissioned and noncommissioned officers, experience, for instance, results to rise in the rank of an army personnel. As an officer crosses the threshold of one rank to the next, their scope in terms of expertise, skills and responsibility increase too. Additional training and mentorship, in this case, are...

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Uploaded by:   CaseyP

Date:   11/12/2018

Category:   Management

Length:   4 pages (1,003 words)

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