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Legal Terms

Uploaded by CaseyP on Oct 01, 2017

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Legal Terms

Last week on Tuesday, my cousin was assaulted by a drunken man at a bar while having a drink. The two harbored differing political opinions that led to the conflict. An assault is defined as a violent verbal or physical attack against a person provided they occur in any of these two forms, including Aggravated or Simple assault (Jones 102). My cousin, Tom, was very distressed by the issue such that he decided to lodge an Aggravated Assault complaint at the police station. An Aggravated Assault includes one that receives a more severe criminal punishment as a result of its high degree of seriousness (Jones 113). When the hearing began, the jury was given 12 to 24 hours to make their deliberations based on the evidence provided by Tom’s lawyer. The jury is a body that is tasked with giving a verdict based on the majority vote in legal cases that involve examining the evidence that is presented in court (Jones 114). When Tom launched the indictment or a formal accusation against the accused, the judge ordered the defense team to present their case before the jury.
The defense lawyer could not object to the fact that the accused, Mr. Moses, attacked Tom, but their argument was that the court should not pay attention to the crime as if it is an act of felony. In some jurisdictions, the most serious offense is a felony or an indictable offense. The Defense Attorney made this request because the prosecutor was considering First Degree Felony. A defense attorney is a legal practitioner who specializes in defending individuals and companies that are charged with criminal activities (Jones 118). A Second Degree Felony means that the individual has committed a more serious crime than the First Degree Felony. If the prosecutor would have satisfied the conditions of a First Degree Felony, the accused would have been ordered by the judge to pay a fine of $25, 000 or a jail term amounting to 10 years imprisonment. When a person is indicted for a Second Degree Felony, they tend to receive a more severe punishment than in the case of a First Degree Felony. (Jones140).
Tom was particularly amazed by the judicial nature of the prosecutor in convincing the judge to punish Moses. A prosecutor is a legal officer who takes over the responsibility of instituting legal proceedings against the...

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Uploaded by:   CaseyP

Date:   10/01/2017

Category:   Stories

Length:   4 pages (817 words)

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Legal Terms

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