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Uploaded by CaseyP on Feb 20, 2018

To Ms. Thrifty
The Supervisor,
CC. Members of the Department
Having participated in the course for just a month, I am confident it is worth the department’s investment. I am halfway through the assigned lessons and it has already made an impact in my life. The first section of COMM 1103 emphasizes the need for having effective communication models in institutions. Given the numerous business conversations that take place within our department, I would recommend adoption of some of the proposed measures for ensuring improved productivity. In this email, I will be recommending five major writing tips that can be embraced to reform our company’s business communication approaches.
Tip 1: Knowing the Audience
It might seem obvious but knowing the person a message is intended for is very beneficial and may offer adequate results. For instance, while communicating with members of the senior management, one should be respectful and clearly state the intention of the message. Some other factors to consider regarding the audience include age, level of education, and his/her familiarity with the topic of discussion. The writing should also be addressed to the target audience. The audience may be a group of workers or specific persons.
Tip 2: Avoiding the use of Company’s Buzzwords and Acronyms
This practice is common with some members of our department. I have found myself using them at some points of my emails while addressing some of my closest friends in the office. However, I have come to realize that they might be offending to the audience even if they don’t say it. Using a simple grammar is particularly a good practice while addressing anyone within the department.
Tip 3: Utilization of the Prime Questions
Even before one starts writing a letter, email, or other notifications its good practice to reflect on their purpose. Asking ourselves what we want the reader to know and the expected responses may help us come with good letters, emails, memos, or other types of written messages. Identifying the reader is also a reliable step at this point.
Tip 4: Drafting Ideas
It’s good to draft the message and reflect on whether it meets all the requirements. As a result, one is able to add more content and exclude less important points addressed in the material. This approach also helps ensure that every sentence in the piece of writing serves the general purpose.
Tip 5:...

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Uploaded by:   CaseyP

Date:   02/20/2018

Category:   Sociology

Length:   2 pages (486 words)

Views:   898

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