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Lewis And Clarke Book Report

Lewis And Clarke Book Report

A glimpse 200 years in our past would leave you baffled, the miniature United States and endless frontier land. In those lands, on those plains, up in those snow-capped mountains lay the hopes and dreams of men throughout our small, developing nation. Men young and old, some skilled and some driven by a passion, took it upon themselves to explore this no man’s land. Two very lucky men, and 29 of their contemporaries, were able to travel through this vast wilderness under the wishes and orders of President Thomas Jefferson.

Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, the commanding officers of a 31 member party, embarked on a mystical and fortifying adventure in which they were to navigate and document what they thought to be the easiest way across the continent of America to the Pacific Ocean. The Pacific ocean was a name without a face, and these men were going to be the first white men to see it tumbling waters, jagged cliffs, and lush sand beaches. These men would be the first to report the mystery of the frontier.

On May 13th, 1804 captain Lewis and captain Clark departed on their adventure across the country. The men on their 54 foot boat, and several small canoes started their trek up the great Missouri. The first part of their journey would be to get from their present lodging, Fort Dubois, to Two-Thousand-Mile Creek, home of the Sioux Indian. When these men started off up the Missouri they couldn’t look back, they were leaving there country, their families and their friends and now they would be executing one of the most powerful and necessary journeys in American History.

The journey from Fort Dubois to Two-Thousand-Mile Creek was a relatively smooth one. Around the men as they rode the current of the Missouri were surrounded by beautiful green fields, plains as long as the eye can see, and many animals that would serve as these men’s entire diet. Animals that man hadn’t witnessed were starting to appear, one such animal was the Prairie Dog or Prairie Wolf. The men were startled by the similarity of this animal and the gray squirrel in developed America, but when they were close enough to see and kill these animals they noticed differences. On this first waterway, the Missouri, the men stopped in multiple places to rest, to hunt and to contact the Indian. Along...

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Lewis And Clarke Book Report

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