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Library of Congress

Uploaded by gracieD on May 27, 2019

Library of Congress
The library of congress was built on April 24, 1800. It began when president John Adams approved a congressional act that moved the national capital from Philadelphia to Washington. $ 5,000 was spent on books ( 38 million books) intended for use by the U.S . congress. They also had 70 million manuscripts. 15,000 items were received and 12,000 items each day were in the catalog. The library of Congress is 4,000 square feet. It holds 158,000,000 items. It is located at 101 independence Ave SE, Washington, DC 20540. You can visit it from 8:30am-4:30pm every Monday- Saturday. The largest book in the Library of Congress is a 5-by-7 foot book featuring color images of Bhutan. Any one six teen and older may use/ check out a book but only on the premises. And must have a photo I.D on them.
What is the purpose of the library of congress? The purpose of the library of Congress was for classification it serves as a legal repository for copyright protection and copyright registration and as the base of the united states copyright office .The original purpose of the Library of Congress was to help members of Congress conduct research on legislative matters.
How was the Library of Congress built? As many people know, after capturing Washington, D.C. in August 24 1814 during the war of 1812, the British burned the U.S. Capitol and destroyed the Library of Congress. But they rebuilt it on January 30, 1815. In the late 19th century the architectural style of the Jefferson Building was said to be “Italian Renaissance”. Today, it is recognized as a primer example of the Beaux Arts style, which is theatrical, heavily heavily ornamented and kinetic. It is a style perfectly suited to a young, wealthy, and imperialistic nation in its Gilded Age. The materials- marble( 15 varieties), granite ( 400 thousand cubic feet) bronze, gold, mahogany- were expensive but would last a thousand years. In plan the jefferson Building is a hollow rectangle with a rotunda, bookstacks and four courtyards occupying the core.

What is the library of congress used for?The primary function of the Library of Congress is to serve the Congress. In addition, the Library provides service to government agencies, other libraries, scholars, and the general public.
How is the library of congress used?The Library of Congress Classification (LCC) is...

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Uploaded by:   gracieD

Date:   05/27/2019

Category:   Historical

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Library of Congress

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