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Life and Accomplishments of Gaius Julius Caesar

Life and Accomplishments of Gaius Julius Caesar

Gaius Julius Caesar was a brilliant general, a great politician, and a powerful dictator of the Roman republic. He was born on July 17, 100 BC and he was assassinated on March 15, 44 BC.

Caesar's rise to power was not an easy one, in 73 BC he was made a pontiff in Rome. He gained alot of popularity because of this and because he sided with those seeking power outside the circle of nobles, who at that time dominated the Roman senate. He also gained popularity with the Gauls in 68 BC by supporting them for Roman citizenship.

Caesar became the governor of Spain in 61 BC after Crassus had helped pay his creditors after some financial issues. Military actions in Spain helped further restore Caesar's financial security. Caesar outwitted his political enemies by passing up his triumph. He did this in order to win the election to the consulate with the support of Pompey and Crassus. At this time Crassus was the richest man in Rome. Caesar, Pompey, and Crassus formed what was known as the first triumvirate, which means a government of three men, in 60-59 BC. These actions were takin to further their political success. While the triumvirate ruled , the senate became very angered. This led to the breakup of the senate, which gave the triumvirate even more power. Caesar also recieved the governorships of Lllyricum, Cisalpine Gaul, and Transalpine Gaul. He was also given control over a large army that he used to rule over Gaul. He gained alot of political strength from the Gallic Wars which lasted from 58 to 51 BC. With Caesar spending most of his time in the north, Pompey gathered most of his power by making a good relationship with the senate. The Gallic Wars were not Caesar's most famous wars, the wars with Pompey probably hold that title.

Although Caesar's daughter, Julia, was married to Pompey, friction between the two developed. This friction was encouraged by Crassus. The death of Julia in 54 BC and the death of Crassus in 53 BC destroyed Caesar and Pompey's relationship. In 52 BC Pompey was made sole consul. In 50 BC Pompey joined with Caesar's political enemies, and ordered Caesar to disassemble his army. Instead, Caesar crossed the Rubicon River into Italy and fought against Pompey, which created another civil war in Rome. In many...

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Life and Accomplishments of Gaius Julius Caesar

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