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Male and Females Relationships

Uploaded by eCheater on Dec 21, 2004

Male and Females: Levels of Relationships and Different Forms

A survey was conducted to help understand the level of relationships between male and females. The three levels of human relationships included social, personal, and intimate. Of the men and woman surveyed the ages ranged from 18 years of age to 62 years of age. The questions asked the number of the three types of relationships and what seemed to be the most involved, enjoyed, and most important. As a group, we tried to determine if men or woman had more relationships than the other sex in any type of relationship.

On a level of social relationships, a social relationship is people that you know or associate with. For example: co-workers, people you do business with all the time, or distance family members, the answers could not be studied due to the extreme high and low numbers between the two groups. It is known that humans deal with too many people on a daily basis to accurately count social relationships. We did not count this into our survey and later discarded the question.

Personal relationships seemed to be the most popular among men and woman. A personal relationship is considered someone you have a close friendship with but no intimacy. A best friend or immediate family member may be considered a personal relationship. It was very clear in the surveys that woman had a larger number of personal relationships than the men. Their numbers almost doubled what the men surveyed.

Intimate relationships surveyed very equally between the men and woman. An intimate relationship is being very close to an individual, having physical attraction for one another, having physical touch, strong emotions, and physically close to each other. The men seemed to pull ahead with the number of intimate relationships. Most of the surveys were equal between the two, but half of them had some high numbers.

Men scored a higher number on the intimate relationships, they believed to be more involved with personal relationships. The same with the woman, except they thought they were more involved with intimate when they scored a higher number on the personal relationships. This shows an inverse relationship between the two groups.

When the survey asked the two groups what relationship do they enjoy the best, the answers completely backed up the earlier portion...

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Uploaded by:   eCheater

Date:   12/21/2004

Category:   Psychology

Length:   2 pages (546 words)

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Male and Females Relationships

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