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Marginalised Voices Dramatic Monologue- Jeremy Atticus Finch

Uploaded by 8drian on Jul 19, 2007

Private talk to Calpurnia in the kitchen one day

Calpurnia, I was just thinking about Mrs Dubose. I know that sounds weird but somehow, I seem to think of that incident differently now. Throughout the past few years, I have encountered numerous problems ranging from retrieving my pants from the Radleys to the court case that dad was involved in. However, my conflicts with Mrs Dubose have been most memorable. I still remember the amount of trouble I caused her that actually lead to the understanding of her values and beliefs. I had always hated and feared her but since she has passed away, I feel the less.

It all started on the afternoon after my 12th birthday. Scout and I were heading to V.J. Elmore’s to buy a miniature steam engine for myself and a baton for my sister. Unfortunately, when we passed Mrs Dubose, we were once again engaged in an unwanted conversation. She started by insulting my sister so I thought that we should leave before things got worse but she stopped us. She continued by saying that our father defended for niggers. This caused me to implode with anger. Dad was the person that I respected the most because he taught and cared for me extremely well after my mother’s death. I was not going to let a person like Mrs Dubose get away with this but I remained calm. We continued to walking to the shops and I bought the items we were after. These new toys helped clear some of the anger but I was still eager for revenge against this woman that insulted me helplessly many times. As we returned home passing Mrs Dubose’s house, I noticed that she wasn’t on the porch. Although I knew it was mortally wrong, I still let my impulse take control. I took full advantage of this opportunity completely forgetting what my father taught me about being a gentleman. Without thinking, I snatched by sister’s new baton and ran furiously up Mrs Dubose’s steps into the front yard. I rampaged through her garden slicing all the heads of her camellias. Then I snapped the baton in two and threw it down with an instant sign of sorrow for my sister.

Once again, Dad found out about my actions and I was told to talk to Mrs Dubose about what had happened. Mrs Dubose was known for having a concealed...

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Uploaded by:   8drian

Date:   07/19/2007

Category:   To Kill a Mockingbird

Length:   4 pages (811 words)

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Marginalised Voices Dramatic Monologue- Jeremy Atticus Finch

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