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Men are Believed to be Bold in Difficulties Compared to Women

Uploaded by CaseyP on Jun 02, 2017

Men are Believed to be Bold in Difficulties Compared to Women
Since back in the medieval period, men are believed to be capable handling difficult and stressing situations in life. In the past, men were primarily involved in war and hunting in dangerous places. The community tends to believe that men are powerful and less affected emotionally. As a result of misconceptions, numerous men have perished from depression due to cases such as post-traumatic disorders. The society discourages men from expressing their emotions publicly. The paper discusses the issue of gender over-expectations regarding men and ways of enabling men to express their emotions in the community without the fear of being disgraced.
As discussed by Joan Morgan, hip-hop music is one way in which women and men relieve their stress, especially the African Americas (Colombo, Cullen and Lisle P. 535). As indicated by the following statement, “much content in the hip-hip music is about chemical dependence, substance abuse, and alcoholism," shows that singers composed their songs to console themselves out of depression. As exhibited by Morgan, hip-hop singers who are especially men tend to utilize words such as “hos and bitches” which is a sign of low self-esteem. For instances, the Africans Americans have experienced discrimination and grueling situations such as unjust killings and long jail terms (Colombo, Cullen and Lisle p. 534). Due to the limited advocacy to counsel and help men heal their current and past wounds, a majority have shifted to hip-hop songs, not to educate the mass, but to entertain and drive away their thoughts. According to the views of Morgan, due to the choice of words used in hip-hop music, many men who are African American rarely attain the maturity level (Colombo, Cullen and Lisle p. 534). Her statement is showed by the sentence that men’s expression in the music makes them appear less powerful, instead of confronting the evils affecting their community directly. The book shows that the community encourages men to utilize harsh methods including bloodshed to solve key issues. Moreover, the author exposes some of the regrets uttered by the black individuals who have been jailed for involving in violent activities. “Although I admit that the charges leveled against me are unfair, I believe I should not have paid with my life" statement shows that confrontation is a dangerous way of solving key...

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Uploaded by:   CaseyP

Date:   06/02/2017

Category:   Sociology

Length:   5 pages (1,037 words)

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Men are Believed to be Bold in Difficulties Compared to Women

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