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Metamorphosis Essay, by Franz Kafka

The Ever-Changing Gregor, by Franz Kafka

Throughout Franz Kafka's short story "The Metamorphosis" the main character Gregor undergoes many mental and physical changes. He is just a normal man in a normal family who wakes in what he thinks is a dream at first, but then has to come to terms with that he really is now a giant living insect. Gregor is a traveling salesman who comes home only every once and a while, but after he wakes one morning and realizes that he is a insect his life goes on a down word spiral that not even he can end up controlling.

Gregor's family life was nothing out of the ordinary but also was not the best of times. His Father did not work cause he got himself into financial problems. "Gregor works as a traveling salesman- a situation he dislikes. He wants to quit his job, but the pressure to support his family and pay off his bankrupt father's business debts keeps him trapped in his career" (instructors manual). He is the only one in his family who works, because his Mother has bad asthma, and his sister is to young, which leaves his income as the only in the house. Gregor had a close relationship with his sister Grete, but with his parents it was different. He was on the road most of the time so he only stopped by to stay the night, while he was in the neighborhood. Gregors self esteem was not on the high side. He regretted the fact that he had to work this horrible job just because of his father; he was not married and did not even have a girlfriend. His life kind of seemed like it was standing still until this morning when it happened to take a turn, which was unexpected by Gregor and also to everyone else.

As Gregor goes through his metamorphosis his takes a toll on his mental and physically feelings about himself, his family, and also his work. His family finds him in his new body and they get almost scared by it. He is confined to his room, he does not get to walk around the house, or see anything outside unless he looks out the one window that is in his room. His Mother and Father both do not come...

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Metamorphosis Essay, by Franz Kafka

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