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My Venture Plan

My Venture Plan

The venture I would like to start is a home-based accounting business. My business would be called McCounting. McCounting will analyze and interpret the financial and economic activities of a business as well as home owners personal activities. McCounting would solve many other entrepreneur's problems by eliminating the stress of the financial aspects of their business. My business would also solve regular home owners the headaches and hassles they may have come income tax time. My business would also take advantage of people's actual wants and needs because people want convenience and simplicity rather than endless hours of number crunching. McCounting will fit almost everyone's financial budget and let's you relax because you know your financial's are in good, reliable hands. Guaranteed.

The entrepreneurial characteristics I poses include the following: perceptive, imaginative, very persistent, hard working, goal setting, self confident, very flexible, and extremely independent. I am perceptive because when I am faced with problems I love the challenges and opportunities that arise from them. I am imaginative because I get visions of what I want the outcome of the problem to look like, and then I create it or produce new ideas to improve it. I am persistent because I never give up on things, no matter what the circumstances were. I stick with my ideas until I have tried everything to make the problem better. If I have come to a dead end with my idea, I change my idea and start again until it does work. I am a goal setter because once I have completed or on the verge of completing my first goal I create another one and challenge myself even harder than the first time. I am hard working because being perceptive, persistent, and goal setting do not come with little or not work, they come with the hardest, most complex work, this to me is hark working. I am self confident because I believe in myself, and I believe I can do anything I put my mind to no matter how hard it is or how much work it will take, I believe I can do it. I am flexible because I can adapt to changes rather quickly, and I look at them as a challenge to overcome. I am independent because I don't like to have to rely on other people to get things done, I like to have...

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My Venture Plan

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