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New England and Chesapeake Colony Struggles

New England and Chesapeake Colonies

During the 16th and 17th century many emigrants settled upon the coasts of The New World - North America. People, mainly form England, who were either pursued by nation's economical recession or religious discrimination, decided to start a new life in America. Throughout the course of history and many expeditions, the colonies set their own rules based on different ideas. Two separate regions emerged: New England and Chesapeake; although occupied mostly by people originating from the same location those 2 regions were very diverse.

Among many new settlers was John Winthrop. He had a dream of building a model new society in the New England region that he referred to as a "City upon a Hill". In document A, we can find supportive information of his plans. Although there were many poor and many rich that wanted to take a challenge of colonizing raw and harsh land, Winthrop asked everyone to help eachother and be generous. Without this idea the process of assimilating to the new conditions would be much harder. Entire families emigrated to the new land. Among those people (Doc. B) were some skilled workers and with eachother's support they were able to establish a permanent settlement.

The new society was united under God and early government. According to documents D and E, life was definetely harsh at the start but organized work and coordination by some kind of government, led the colonies into social and economical growth. Rules and arrangements were key to success. As stated in the Articles of Agreement, pople cooperated with one another and designed a scheme, a blueprint for their settlement. They established towns, communities based on their beliefs and common good. Much like the headright system in the south, they distributed land amongst them to start their new lives. General Courts harmonized the economy which was based on farming, fishing etc. The govermnent set prices of goods and worker wages. It also screened ones that were after sudden enrichment, who might take advantage of other fellow citizens.

The New England inhabitants were strongly motivated by religion as many of them were Puritans (including Seperatists) who escaped religious persecution in England (Great Migration). Peoples' behavior was mainly influenced and controlled by teachings of God. Doc. D stresses that idea; people should unite and "walk in all the ways of Christ"

Situation was quite different in the Chesapeake colonies, Maryland and Virginia....

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New England and Chesapeake Colony Struggles

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