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Origins of World War 1

Origins of World War 1

Your honor, the defense has proven with out a doubt that Germany is not responsible for the outbreak of WW1. The argument should be stated instead that which country in Europe tried to prevent a war from happening.

The answer is none. In fact every country in this room, your honor had a vital part to play in the coming of war.

How can Germany possibly take the full weight of the blame when the other countries failed to step up? Countries that trapped themselves in complex alliances, alliances that in later years would shackle them to the chains of war.

Lets recap: France was just as equally to blame for a war as it was their alliances systems that isolated Germany in revenge for the loss of Alsace and Lorraine.

Britain and Austria have shown themselves to be untrustful. Britain on the first day of the trail didn’t know why the war started or why they became involved. Yet on the second day Britain decided that Germany was to blame as they provoked Britain by expanding their navy. Britain also decided to avoid many of the defences questions by simply say that Britain was the best Empire in the world, I believe the saying was “Britannia rules the way”. Technically your honour, this couldn’t be possible because A) Britain at the start of this feasco had isolated itself from the rest of Europe, so how could it possibly claim to be the best when it had no other empire or country to compare itself to. B) If Britain was ‘ruling’ the way, then how come Germany and the USA led the economic market.

C) The defense would also like to remind Britain that are no rules stating that Germany is not allowed to up grade their ships in their navy. I mean who died and made Britain naval queen. It is obvious your honor that Britain is a little delusional with itself and remember Britain has told us that really they had no business in becoming involved in WW1 as they had no idea why it started.

Austria too can not be trusted. Your honor on the first day of the trail the court was told that Germany was preparing for war, but at the proceeding day Austria said that Germany was upgrading is military like the rest of the Europe.

Your honor...

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Origins of World War 1

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