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Personal Interpretation of fiction storyessay

Uploaded by CaseyP on Apr 27, 2017

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Differences between Males and Females
Over a long period of time, the globe has had struggles about the issues of gender. The males and females have constantly stood in the way of one another as far as progress is concerned. However, history presented an undue advantage to the males than the females. This phenomenon has created, in the words of many scholars, stereotyped differences between these two genders. Despite this phenomenon, there are genetic, physiological, physical, psychological, and other forms of human existence that contribute to the differences. As such, it is imperative to establish these differences and uncannily analyze them for a deeper comprehension. Per se, males tend to continuously embrace technology and its advances at large as compared to the females. Additionally, the majority of the females are mentally weaker than males and also, males strongly and intelligently deal with anger and its effects than the females (Ehrenheich 140).
In the article, A GPS Helps a Guy Always Know Where His Couch Is, Dave Barry reiterates that his wife has no appetite for new computers with advanced features as she finds comfort in her older than old device. She anchors this issue on a simple excuse that the older one works better without even having utilized an advanced computer. Dave further says that “As a guy, I feel I need a new computer every time a new model comes out which is every 15 minutes” (Barry 144). He means that men always want to be updated on technological issues. Upon this development, there is need to entirely establish a comparative study from elsewhere in a bid to substantiate this marked difference. To begin with, most of the technology-based innovators are known to be males. For instance, Bill Gates is the founder of Microsoft; Apple was a brainchild of Steve Jobs, Facebook by Mark Zuckerberg among others. Research was carried out at the University of Michigan, Dearborn about computer skills and knowledge among males and females. The findings indicated that female students had less skills in computer as compared to the males. Therefore, the finding was above board and tenable. Moreover, Dave explains that his wife would prefer to ask for directions as opposed to using a GPS. He says that “My wife argues that it is easier just to ask somebody…” (Barry 26).
When it is said that females are mentally weaker than males, then there...

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Uploaded by:   CaseyP

Date:   04/27/2017

Category:   English

Length:   3 pages (751 words)

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Personal Interpretation of fiction storyessay

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