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Personal Qualities that Ensure Success in the Current Job Market

Uploaded by CaseyP on Feb 05, 2019

Personal Qualities that Ensure Success in the Current Job Market
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A Description of Today’s Job Market
The modern job market is correctly described by competition. This is because the world has become a global village of qualified experts and to survive the cutthroat competition, a job seeker needs to stand out and make a lasting impression to increasingly choosy employers. An individual should possess personal qualities as well as intrapersonal competencies and thus making them an attractive employee (Jobs & Pylayev, 2014). The focus of this paper is to describe the qualities that make an individual successful in today’s competitive job market.
The Qualities
To be successful in today’s job market requires hard skills which are in essence the academic qualifications for the career or profession of choice. The educational system offers the right training and knowledge in a particular discipline. The attainment of a certain level of education such as Diploma qualifies an individual for a specific position. The accumulation of hard skills opens an individual to more chances in the job market and also improves their competitiveness (Jobs & Pylayev, 2014). Today’s job market is savage for the inexperienced but for the well trained, savvy individuals it is a smooth ride.
Besides the academic qualifications, the job market demands a specific set of behavioral and attitudinal competencies. These qualities are necessary for an individual to remain relevant in the job market. These include a basic understanding and know-how of technology. The incorporation of technology and the internet in the modern corporate and public space has led to an increase in productivity for employees as well as companies (Half, 2018). For example, computer literacy is an added advantage for modern job seekers since most communication in the workplace is technology enabled. Technology tools such as cloud storage services are used in information storage and sharing within an organization.
Another set of interpersonal skills crucial for the workplace include problem-solving skills which are a means to prepare the individual for the unexpected issues within the organization. The world is rapidly globalized and so is the workplace and for the firm to succeed the competition in the market place, the employees should be prepared to solve any unexpected contingencies (Jobs & Pylayev, 2014). Thus, to be successful, an individual should offer practical solutions to problems which are likely to be encountered in the workplace.
Also, the modern workplace...

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Uploaded by:   CaseyP

Date:   02/05/2019

Category:   Management

Length:   4 pages (935 words)

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Personal Qualities that Ensure Success in the Current Job Market

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