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Personal Reflection on the Value of Family

Personal Reflection on the Value of Family

I sat down on my couch, as I came back from a grueling day of school. Wait, grueling isn’t the word, more like exhausting. I turned on my television, the Raptors were playing against the wizards.

Then my sister walked by. She proclaimed that she wanted to watch something else. Like all little brothers, it was my natural instinct to argue with her. After ten minutes of arguing, we decided to end our confrontation in a game of basketball on my PS2.

Since I play the game much more than she does, I demolished her. Than she offered to play best 2 of 3. I guess I played for 2 reasons, to humiliate her and it was such a fun game. After beating her about 101 times she finally gave up. I switched it to the game. But to my disappointment the game had ended.

One of the biggest games of the year and thanks to my sister, I missed it. One of the biggest games of the year, the first time M.J came to the ACC. I found out later that the Raptors were defeated (as always). Since there was nothing, on my sister got to watch. She grinned with delight, as I gave her an evil smirk.

When I thought I had obtained victory, I was handed defeat. She had won this round. Something told me that she had planned this. This isn’t the first time she plotted an evil scheme. I promised myself never to let it happen again.

The next day I turned on the T.V and to my surprise the Raptors were playing. A wonderful situation to test my new “will power”. Just then my evil sister walked by, this time with one of her girlfriends. I recognized her, the best female basketball player that played for Jarvis. She was offered to go play down at the states, at those big time colleges like, Harvard, and UCLA.

My sister whispered something into her ear. Her friend then challenged...

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Personal Reflection on the Value of Family

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