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Pre-Marital Sex: Why Not?

Pre-Marital Sex: Why Not?

Pre-Marital sex is a big issue when it comes to teenagers. Not only is it questioned by Pentecostal teens but it is also questioned by worldly teens. Everyone wants to know “Why not?” I think that we should take the time now to just further analyze this question. Instead of asking the question “Why not?”, let’s ask the question “Why?”. Why exactly should we have premarital sex. There is one main answer found why teenagers, both Pentecostal and worldly, think premarital sex is ok. And there are also many ways that pre-marital sex can affect YOU as a human being. There are physical, Spiritual, and Emotional effects it can have on you. Let’s figure out the reason why we think it is ok or not ok and then find out the different effects it could have on you.

The answer found through a study conducted by Don W. Hills, was that premarital sex was just pure pleasure. Of course, sex is said to be fun. That attitude is as old as man-kind. But I think only half of that statement is true. Sex is obviously a pleasure, but is premarital sex really pure??? First of all let’s define what pure means. Pure in the “Webster’s New world College Dictionary” is defined as free from any adulterant; clear; free from sin or guilt; blameless. From the information gathered above, I would come to the conclusion that Premarital- sex and pure pleasure, being put into the same sentence and into the same context as above, is an oxy-moron. They go against each other and cancel each other out completely.

The statement “sex is fun”, is another that concern’s me. Only a fool would tell a teenager to stop thinking about sex. My answer to that is money is also fun but responsablily goes along with it as well. Driving a car is fun but there are also certain precautions you should take along with that also. There is lots of room, while driving, for a serious mistake to occur. That is why we have so many laws to abide by while performing the task of driving. Driving remains fun only when the laws that go along with it are obeyed. While the carelessness of not abiding by the...

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Pre-Marital Sex: Why Not?

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