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Psychology understanding family routines, traditions and patterns

Uploaded by CaseyP on Nov 15, 2016

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(5a) Projecting into my future, I see a very good plan for adoption. Specifically, I view myself permanently adopting a child so that I can provide a bright future for those children in the Department of Social Services. This would be one of my ways of giving back to the society.
Motivation and Fertility
(7) I want to become a resource family because I need to have an additional child who will make my family. Additionally, I intend to help the child grow in a good environment having a family.
(8) I am not a relative
(9) I am able to get children biologically. As such, the intention of becoming a resource family is to help a child grown in a family environment as opposed to a care center.
(10) My spouse has welcomed the idea, as he is also passionate about children. We share the same ideas that a child has the right to be in a good family environment.
Placement/Adoption Issues and Special Needs
(11) I understand that the children available for adoption/placement through the Department of Social Services are victims of unfortunate circumstances that calls for foster care. These include child neglect and abuse.
(12) Permanency is important for children as it ensures stability. Specifically, children will get used to the same environment and, thereby, have stable growth. I am ready to commit to a child permanently as I would to bring up this child as my own.
(13) I feel that it is important that children are assisted to recover from the memories of any unfortunate incidences that occurred in their lives. As such, I would gladly assist the child attend therapy/counselling sessions and do my one therapeutic sessions through trying to erase those memories of the past.
(14) I would help a child with learning disability/special needs by negotiating a specific education process that would be cognizant of their disabilities. Additionally, I would personally ensure that the child gets all the materials necessary for his/her learning needs.
(15) I would support the reunification of children with their parents/guardians through proper planning. In this regard, I would collaborate with the children’s parents/guardians in planning for the reunification. Additionally, I would offer the services and supports that would guarantee a safe return.
(16) I think that those parents feel very lonely and violated. However, in my view, the interests of the child should come first. As such, the parenting rights should be terminated until the parents show...

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Uploaded by:   CaseyP

Date:   11/15/2016

Category:   Social Sciences

Length:   12 pages (2,744 words)

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Psychology understanding family routines, traditions and patterns

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