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Questions and Answers

Uploaded by CaseyP on Jan 30, 2019

Questions and Answers
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Questions and Answers
Spending Life
What aspects of your life, at this point, are most satisfying?
Being able to provide a stable life for my family and see them happy has brought me bountiful satisfaction. I have also struck a good work-life balance which ensures that I spend quality time with my loved ones.
In what achievement, or commitments, do you take humble pride?
I once worked with a refugee agency where we arranged their settlement in the United States. Seeing many of these people settle in the country, get jobs, and lead good lives has been a great achievement. Securing jobs for these individuals was tough but I am happy to see most of those I worked with settle and become successful.
What changes could you make now, to feel better about how you are spending your life three months, three years, or three decades from now?
I have witnessed close friends struggling with the problem of prescription pills addiction. I believe that I can step up and help these individuals since some of them have found themselves in contravention with the law. The opioid crisis in our society is alarming and I believe I can partake in its reduction by starting with my friends.
Have you ever experienced a Sisyphean crisis, where all of your work felt pointless and endless? What did you do climb out of it?
Working with refugees can be tough at times. I remember there are several instances whereby we settled some refugees in jobs that could support their livelihoods before they could learn English and seek better positions. However, I was disappointed to find the rate at which these individuals lost their initial jobs. The main issue presented by the employees was their poor communication. Hence, we had to find other jobs for these individuals which was demoralizing since I felt that the efforts we put in securing these jobs were futile. As such, I had to secure more sustainable means by collaborating with the locals who were ready to help these individuals as much as they could.
What can you do to help others who are stuck?
I would ask them to reflect on their achievements rather than center on the failures. There are always times when one is bound to feel helpless and efforts seem futile. Hence, the best action to take is to reflect on one’s achievements that will serve as a...

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Uploaded by:   CaseyP

Date:   01/30/2019

Category:   Reflection

Length:   6 pages (1,319 words)

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