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Rational Ground for the Belief in God

Uploaded by CaseyP on Jun 11, 2018


Rational Ground for the Belief in God
The belief in God is a question that has generated many questions among the philosophers. The conviction for the beliefs is pegged on the acceptance that the real issues are handled appropriately. Arguments have been raised to support the theological aspects that support the belief. The supporters of theism have developed arguments that have been in the forefront of safeguarding the basis for the belief. The rational arguments are classified into three categories. The categories include the ontological, teleological and cosmological arguments that have been developed to understand the effects of the aspect of the belief in God. The three categories have been very significant in understanding the contemporary philosophies that discuss religion from a special angle. The paper will provide an insight into the rational grounds that are embraced by the believers in the existence of God despite the presence of evil.
Ontological Arguments
The arguments provide a traditional perspective to the idea of the existence of God. The arguments are based on the premises that can be isolated from the experience captured in the world. The arguments are founded on the concept of God and make a conclusion that God exists. The arguments seek to prove that the nonexistence of God is an impossible phenomenon. The existence is independent of the fact that evil also exists.
The proponents of the arguments purport that God is the most powerful being. The argument is that God exists in both the mind and in reality. The superiority of God is attached to the aspect of conceivability in both the mind and the reality of life. The logical connection between the presence of God in the mind and in actual reality concludes the aspect of the presence of God.
Teleological Arguments
The argument is based on the idea of a deity pegged on the order that is found in nature. The argument is based on the capability of reflecting the design purpose and intelligence depicted in the world. The three aspects point to the presence of God.
God is viewed as the designer of the features that constitute nature. The design and implementation are beyond the capabilities of man thus point to the presence of a unique design that is superior to the human beings. The complexity of nature itself is important towards describing the functioning of the appropriate elements that define the capabilities of the human capabilities.
Cosmological Arguments

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Uploaded by:   CaseyP

Date:   06/11/2018

Category:   Philosophy

Length:   6 pages (1,352 words)

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Rational Ground for the Belief in God

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