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Research Paper on Outsourcing in the United States

Research Paper on Outsourcing in the United States

Outsourcing is defined as "the process of purchasing goods and services from outside vendors rather than producing the same goods or providing the same services within the organization." Outsourcing does not come without risks, but it also has its benefits as well. Gaining services or products from outside sources can be very beneficial, considering the alternative that the firm will have to produce them themselves. However, on main risk that is incurred when outsourcing is that when a firm does outsource, they leave the supply of that product or service in the hands of someone of whom they cannot control, contrary to controlling their own supply. Ethical issues are at hand here, as well as trust issues. As you will see in this paper, many different opinions about outsourcing are present among different financial investors and financial officers. Management teams and management leaders are the head personnel that weigh the pro's and con's of outsourcing, and this paper will briefly summarize the various opinions, pro's, con's, large benefits, and ethical issues dealing with outsourcing.

Popularity among small businesses has grown in the past years, according to the Journal of Accountancy. "Outsourcing is becoming popular even in small and midsize companies. Nowadays, a small business may not have staff members such as a Human Resources recruiter or a 401(k) specialist in house. As the Internet transforms the way businesses communicate with their clients, vendors, and employees, many of these functions are being handled by outsourcers." They provide many solutions and guidelines in which to follow. Here is a small sample of them:

 Decide what's important. If a function is not strategic to your business--for instance, payroll services or health insurance needs in a recruiting agency with only ten employees--consider outsourcing it to an expert provider.

 Don't go halfway. Don't settle for half-hearted measures or intermediaries who manage only some aspects of your business when the more efficient solution is to outsource the entire process. For example, if the telemarketing employees of a credit collection company only make calls on your behalf but do not follow up with any necessary customer visits, the collection function may be incomplete.

 Beware of regulations. Make sure your outsourcing partner understands and complies with all the rules and regulations governing your industry and the workplace.

This popularity is not just among small or medium sized businesses. Large corporations are using outsourcing...

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Research Paper on Outsourcing in the United States

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