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Research Proposal Letter

Uploaded by CaseyP on Sep 25, 2016

Based on my interview, over the last several years, the community has had a program to place men and women in employment. However, these people have few skills, limited education level and no ethics that required holding a job. Most of the time these people are from households that have been on welfare for long, and their parents rarely emphasized the importance of self-sufficiency and responsibility. Thus, now they are supported by social and public service systems and do not have a positive outlook towards the future. Such people may try to cope with their existing situation by engaging in drug abuse, alcohol with the little money that they earn. My proposal is on addressing the issue of such individuals through placement programs, and job training.
These men and women can be helped increase their reading skills, self-confidence and ultimately get and retain employment solving their homelessness problem permanently. The programs can be funded by grants and gifts from well-wishers and organizations. Although some of these homeless people have been destroyed by their use of drugs and lost hope, rehabilitation and counseling will be offered to them before they can join the main job placement program. According to Fernando (122), homeless people cannot make it without life skills and hope. Even though such people were to complete training, and get employed, they are likely not to succeed. The program will thus entail group classes and individual meeting that will explore issues like coping skills and self-control.
There will be presentations made by employed people who previously were homeless or struggled with poverty and drug addiction. The center will also offer to counsel on substance abuse. Teitelbaum (187) suggests that those people with a substance abuse history will need help in the management of their income. It is important to have counseling for substance abusers to prepare people for employment. The project will require funding as expenses will be incurred. People working at the center will need to be paid, materials used will require money to be bought, the placement program will also have its expenses, and other revolving funds will be needed. A total of about $68,000 is what will be necessary. The funding for this budget will come from grants and gifts from the well-wishers.
The program coordinator and assistant will prepare funding proposals that will be sent to different organizations for support of the program. The program...

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Uploaded by:   CaseyP

Date:   09/25/2016

Category:   English

Length:   3 pages (588 words)

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Research Proposal Letter

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