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Research paper on movie

Uploaded by CaseyP on May 03, 2017

The Movie: Girlhood
Girlhood, the English translation of French Bande de filles, is not only entertaining but it is also intriguing. The audience watching the movie on the screen as well as its live performance would appreciate how the director Céline Sciamma successfully uses the young girls to tell a story of African French adolescent girls. The drama movie conjures up feelings of sympathy and sadness in viewers because of how the young lady characters struggle to fight the desires that come with adolescence. The characters in the drama are members of a girl gang who are portrayed as being morally decadent- shoplifting beauty accessories and lodging rooms. This is the group that the naïve Marieme hopes that she will find comforting to her. Most of the critics of this movie suggest that Sciamma's story is the actual representation of adolescent forces while others find the movie superficial.
The movie, according to (Scott) is a display of the stereotypes that the society has towards gender. The director has gone out of the ordinary to reveal that when it comes to growing up, the girl child is not always a victim of negativity. It would have been expected that the gang of girls is known for all forms of evils that girls are stereotyped with. As a matter of fact, Scott finds the movie interesting in how it twists the issue of gender and teenage hood. The intent of the movie was to change the attitude that the society has towards a gang of girls.
Burr in his review observes that Marieme's struggle with girlhood cravings ranges from the desire for sexuality, and the desire to identify herself as a beautiful young lady. At the age of sixteen, Marieme has a crush on her brother's friend, Ismaël. When she realizes her girlhood, Marieme metamorphoses herself slowly. Mark Kermode compares Marieme's gradual change in lifestyle to that of "the phases of the moon." Her name in the clique changes from Marieme to Vic. This metamorphosis is a representation of the way adolescent girls struggle with tensions are caused by their desire to be recognized sexually. To show the conflict that arises in an adolescent's struggle with tensions created by the transition from childhood to adulthood.
Even though we are told of budding relationships between Marieme and Issa, it does not turn out dangerous. In fact, the...

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Uploaded by:   CaseyP

Date:   05/03/2017

Category:   Literature

Length:   6 pages (1,440 words)

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Research paper on movie

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