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Research proposal

Uploaded by CaseyP on Sep 19, 2016

In the past couple of years, our region has witnessed some alarming numbers of the number of students arrested by the law officers. I therefore thought it might be of benefit to reach you in whichever way possible, so that we can develop a potential solution to this problem. According to the data that I obtained from the local law enforcement departments, many of the apprehensions occur mainly in the times before the schools start to operate and after the schools have closed. Despite this evident trend, some society members do not see the necessity for a program that would run before and after the school. Some scholars such as Steen, Julie and Julia W. Buckey, conducted a study in which they noted that students may be preferring to engage in the destructive recreational activities and end up breaking the law because of the lacks of a suitable recreational facility that suits their age and recreational requirements in the locality
I therefore feel inclined to try to suggest the possible solutions to this situation. The valley city requires considering the necessity of constructing a recreational facility for the students in the region. There is an abandoned warehouse that is large enough to serve as a recreational center for the before- and- after school programs. This project is viable, and it can be funded by the tax revenues that were used to construct the main street up to date. This project will also provide the final aspects of housing for the before-and-after-school program. Tsekoura indicates that for any project to succeed, it should commence by sensitizing the local community members on the need of creating a recreational facility for the welfare and security purposes of the students.
The implementation of this initiative would ensure that the students are engaged in the right types of activities and are under supervision in the times before their schools start to operate and after the operation periods. Therefore, the number of apprehension cases would significantly reduce. This project is not only a recreational program, but it is also a socialization plan where the students will learn the correct morals. The facility will keep the local youth engaged in ethical and creative activities and thus the development of local talents. It would provide the students with alternative activities to do than to engage in an uncouth behavior.
I thought it might be important to propose some...

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Uploaded by:   CaseyP

Date:   09/19/2016

Category:   English

Length:   4 pages (801 words)

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