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Robert E. Lee Biography

Robert E. Lee Biography

Robert E. Lee was born in Virginia on January 19, 1807. Robert E. Lee’s father fought in George Washington’s army. As a child Robert and his brother begged his father to tell them about what he did in the army. Roberts father told them the stories many times, but they never got sick of them and always wanted to hear them again. Soon Roberts father had to go on a trip to the West Indies. Roberts Father took him and his brother for a walk before he left. He told them “To be good while he was away, and to always do what you think is best.” A short time after that Roberts father went to the West Indies. Robert never ended up seeing him again. But he never forgot what his father said that day. Robert and his brother weren’t the only children. There were three other children besides Smith and Robert. They were Carter, Ann and a baby named Mildred.

Robert loved to ride horses. Robert was speaking to one of his family friends Mary Custis. Mary was a step great- granddaughter of George Washington. He was discussing that he wanted to go to college but it was too expensive. He wanted to go to West Point, a Military Academy, but only a few boys from each state were accepted. Mrs. Lee asked and Roberts’s relatives wrote letters to the Secretary of War saying that Robert was a fine young man. One morning Robert found a letter, which he would find out that he was accepted to West Point. He went through many weeks of training. Robert graduated from West Point as second rank in his class. Robert Fought in many wars and became very powerful and victorious. He fought in the Mexican War, his first war. Later in Robert's life, he was commanded to lead the war against Richmond, Virginia. But Robert refused and instead resigned from the United States Army. Lee Headed the Southerners and won the war against the Northerners. Robert saved Richmond. Lee's greatest victory was against the Northerners; he greatly defeated them with only sixty thousand men while they had one hundred and thirty thousand men. But soon the south became week. Lee decided to invade the North...

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Robert E. Lee Biography

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