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Romeo and Juliet Victims of Their Own Fate

Uploaded by SamSkillz on Feb 22, 2004

The Flaws of Romeo and Juliet that made them Victims of their own Fate

Impetuosity is the key flaw that contributes to the early death of Romeo and Juliet. Impetuosity in their sense of honor, impetuosity in their sense of love, and impetuosity in their sense of idealism lead Romeo and Juliet to an early death. Romeo and Juliet are characters of extremities. They both had a sense of honor and were full of love and idealism. These virtues, honor, love and idealism, that seek to preserve life in the highest form, end in destroying the young lovers. Romeo and Juliet become victims of their own fate because they carry all things to the extreme and are too inexperienced to judge the caliber of the love between them.

“…My very friend, hath got this mortal hurt
In my behalf – my reputation stained
With Tybalt’s slander – Tybalt, that an hour…
And in my temper softened valor steel!”

Act III, Scene i, Lines 116-122

Honor, a noble virtue in the young Montague caused Romeo to fight against Tybalt. As explained in the above quote, Romeo could not accept the fate of Mercutio who had insisted on rashly challenging Tybalt. Romeo's sense of honor would not allow him to ignore the death of his friend. It dictated his irrational behavior that took another life and further separated the families, Montague and Capulet. Once Romeo has talked and been with Juliet, his sense of honor leads him to find the priest to marry both him and Juliet.

“Bid her devise
Some means to come to shrift this afternoon
And there she shall at Friar Laurence cell
Be shrived and married…”

Act II, Scene iv, Lines 184-187

Juliet's sense of honor makes it impossible for her to follow her parents wishes in marrying Paris. Her honor leads her to seek out the priest to ask a solution for the problem that now presents itself at home. She cannot marry Paris and dishonor her pledge to her new husband Romeo. Juliet’s sense of honor causes her to be angry with the nurse when asked to forget her wedding vows.

Juliet’s death could have been avoided if she would have married Paris and forgotten, along with her true love, honor, as the nurse suggested. Upon finding Juliet in her tomb, Romeo thought that he had to take his own life rather than live without her. Romeo may have believed that the only noble action was to join his...

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Uploaded by:   SamSkillz

Date:   02/22/2004

Category:   Romeo and Juliet

Length:   4 pages (827 words)

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