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Satan's Resignation by Navirah Zafar

Uploaded by eddyslash on Mar 20, 2009

Satan's Resignation
by Navirah Zafar

Vice Chancellor, Jamiyat and veiled(naqab posh or ninjas) females are the first three things that sprout up in ones mind when thinking of Punjab University(PU). The university has kept constant with this image since its inception. Anything which is outside the parameters of the strict rules followed at the university has always caught the eye of Jamiyat, who by all means have tried to eradicate it.

Department of Art and Design of Punjab University is one such setup which has tried successfully to shell out from this life long image of PU. The department is home to the leading performing group Natak, working since 1994 has excelled in co-ordination and collaboration to improvise and uplift educational, personal and quality performances.

Already known for the success of numerous performances Natak returned to Rafi Peer Festival '08 with their new production “Satan's Resignation”. The premises of the story revolves around the character of 'Satan' played by Majid Rana. Satan the maestro of all evils, decides to resign from his duties and pleads to live a normal life. To his wishes which are half accepted, half refused and he is transformed into a Pakistani husband. On earth his whole life revolves around Guddo (Afra Farooq) and what goes around in a happily married life. Skeptical about his decision, the three devils assistants played by Usman Farooq, Hina Sajid and Omer Daraz, opportunistically go behind his back to see what comes off his decision to live as a human,

The story revolves around the symbolism of truth of life and how human beings have made this world difficult to survive and tries to convey how negative messages can be stopped with the help of love and peace.

The play of 60 min was dragged with the help of mimes to 90 mins. The mimes were elaborate and expressive,the music was sheer disappointment, a little more aggression was needed to create a long lasting impact. The acting of the lead roles Majid Rana(Satan), Omer Daraz(Devil Assistant) and Hina Sajjad (Devil Assisitant) were captivating,where as the acting of the rest only helped enhance the grandeur of the lead roles. Desultry caught most of the script undermining the symbolic ambiance , dialogues needed more edginess to give away the hidden meaning of the symbolism of life and humanity.

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Uploaded by:   eddyslash

Date:   03/20/2009

Category:   Humanities

Length:   2 pages (381 words)

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