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Uploaded by Keysc92 on Feb 21, 2013

My name is Courtney Keys, I will be an incoming freshman at Valencia College. Wanting to pursue a Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education. My accomplishments include staying focused on doing my very best to complete my Bachelor Degree while attending Valencia College then Transferring to University of Central Florida. The Regions Ridding Forward Scholarship would have a tremendous impact toward my education and toward my life. The scholarship will allow me to completely stay motivated toward my educational studies without having to worry about financial funding toward my education. My plans for the future after graduating college with Honors with my Bachelor Degree in Elementary Education include Teaching while pursuing my Master’s Degree. I've always wanted to become a Teacher coming from a family of Educators. I've learned the best lifelong essentials from many teachers I've had throughout my educational career. One of the greatest Teacher's I've ever had would be my mother Carole Keys an Educator of Pinellas County Schools of 34 years. I've watched my mother teach others and reach other students that no one else could understand or interpret. I've watched her give so many students the love, affection, and admiration that others could not. The greatest lessons I've learned I have witnessed first-hand has been the reason I've wanted to become a Teacher. She's the reason why I've been shaped into the future Educator I will soon become. Throughout my life I've had many challenges that only caused me to grow stronger and put my Education before any and everything no matter the circumstances. I have been faced with many complications and difficulties when coming to my education and my personal life. I’m 20 years old and graduated from Gibbs Senior High School of St. Petersburg, FL in June of 2010. Once I got to middle school my Father passed away from Heart Failure. The death of my Father caused my motivation for school to change. Because now only I had one parent to push me to do better, this caused the focus to be divided between both my sister and I. The idea of having to move on without my Father was a very hard battle to conquer. I wanted to make both of my parents proud, and make them both realize that they pushed us to go further for a reason. I have been faced with many complications and difficulties when coming...

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Uploaded by:   Keysc92

Date:   02/21/2013

Category:   Personal

Length:   3 pages (702 words)

Views:   2971

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