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School Uniforms May Be Harming Your Children

Imagine being back in middle and high school and waking up everyday to get ready for school. Depending on how you are feeling that day, you put on an outfit that makes you feel your best. You go to school and are surrounded by other students who have many diverse styles and looks. Now imagine waking up to go to school and having to wear exactly what everyone else in your school is wearing -- the dreaded school uniform. That image will make most young people, who thrive on individuality and creativity, cringe at just the thought.

When I came to college, I was told by many adults that over half of the things that I will learn will come from outside of the classroom mainly because I will be living away from home. In high school and middle school, however, most of the learning comes from inside the classroom. Adolescents often find out a lot about who they are in their school environments. Ten states currently allow states to mandate school uniforms (Isaacson, 1). The advocates of school uniforms believe that they will reduce violence in schools and promote a better learning environment for students. They believe that students will be able to concentrate on their work more instead of being insecure with how they look and stop comparing themselves to others. It is true that young students, primarily in middle and high school, often are not mature enough to know what is appropriate attire as far as things being too revealing, too short, or very offensive . Thus, I do agree that school dress codes are a must as long as they are not too particular and the enforcement policy not ridiculously strict. However, wearing school uniforms takes away from adolescents’ growing and learning experiences that they go through in school. Students often develop a sense of who they are while in school and develop their own creativity. Mandating uniforms for students would take away from their right to freedom of expression under the First Amendment. Also, it would send a negative message to young people; one that says it is not alright to be yourself and that society does not trust or respect you enough to be able to dress yourselves appropriately. Suppressing a child’s individuality is not productive to his or her’s learning experience. When a child...

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School Uniforms May Be Harming Your Children

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