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Should Illicit Drugs Be Legalized?

Should Illicit Drugs Be Legalized?

When many people hear this question, they think that it means to make them available to everyone. That is not the case. I believe that through limited legalizations of illegal drugs, medicinal marijuana can be used to its potential, money can be saved, and the crime rate will decrease. . These are just a few things that will happen if legalization occurs. The costs for research and setting up bills for legalization may be costly but the rewards would be great.

The use of these now illegal drugs goes way back in history. Marijuana’s first recorded medical use was in 2737 B.C. by a Chinese emperor by the name of Shen Nung. This emperor was the one of the first to use the drug to kill pain in his body. Marijuana was also used in A.D. 200 when a Chinese physician mixed cannabis resin with white wine to make a surgical anesthetic. Reports in the 1860s suggest that the use of opium was successful in numbing amputee patients. These drugs were early painkillers that work just as good and sometimes better than modern drugs.

Only a few illicit drugs have medical benefits when used. For instance, the drug, Marijuana, has been known to be an excellent painkiller. As stated in the June 1994 edition of The World and I, Lester Grinspoon argues that “18 months of scientific evidence on medical marijuana and hearing testimony from doctors and patients has revealed that the active components of marijuana appear to be helpful in treating pain, nausea, AIDS related weight loss, muscle spasms in multiple sclerosis and other problems.” But these reports aren’t decent enough evidence for legalization. Further steps need to be taken. Everyone needs to be aware of the effects of drugs and the feelings that happen when used. When smoked, marijuana causes the user to feel less pain and have a higher appetite. Feeling less pain is useful when it comes to victims of arthritis. Patients that are infected with HIV also can turn to marijuana for help. When a person is infected with HIV, they lose appetite and therefore lose weight. This is called “wasting” and can be eliminated by the smoking of marijuana. Smoking this drug can be harmful in its natural illicit state. It contains three times more tars and five times more carbon monoxide than tobacco. These chemicals are what hold back the...

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Should Illicit Drugs Be Legalized?

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