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Significance of the Internet Compared to the Titanic

Significance of the Internet Compared to the Titanic

The Titanic was hailed as one of the WONDERS of the WORLD when It departed on it's maiden voyage. The largest and greatest ship in the history of the seas. Not only that but it was thought to be UNSINKABLE! " Don't even think about...this thing can't be sunk!"

Now visualize Internet Email as the Titanic. Email is one of the WONDERS of the WORLD of Communications! The voyage is under way, we have left the dock! Passengers of the Titanic have evolved into Surfers of the Internet!

Surfers are ecstatic as they discover the empowerment that worldwide communications offers for very little money! Imagine being able to send friends, family, and business associates, important messages whenever you want and receiving them even while you sleep! All basically free!

One day a surfer thought "what if I send my very important message to those that I don't even know". After all, "I am sure that they need to this information as it will surely help them!" the surfer rationalized! Continuing the surfers daydream about unsolicited email, "If you don't want it all you gotta do is trash it, or simply hit reply and type "REMOVE" in the subject line. What's the big deal anyway?"

In January 1996 my passion for the Internet was born. The Webworker web site was founded on the premise of helping others become entrepreneurs earning their income from home via the internet. http://www.webworker.com has continued to be developed and is now a TOP 10 WEB BUSINESS Directory. This web site has 100's of web pages with business resources that has something for everyone.

The web page design includes unique email addresses for those that wish to communicate with the webmaster. Instead of sending to webmaster@webworker.com you would send to newsletters@webworker.com, etc. This design worked very well until the big bulk emailers created software to automatically retrieve email address from web pages. I then got messages and information from surfers and know exactly where they were when they decided to communicate with me. Furthermore my web site design uses over 100 EMAIL AUTORESPONDERS to help the surfer get additional information on demand as they need it.

So what has changed....we are approaching an ICEBERG in fact we have already HIT IT! Visualize email address extractor programs that visit each web...

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Significance of the Internet Compared to the Titanic

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