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Social Change Blog

Uploaded by CaseyP on Apr 24, 2017

Social Change Blog
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Social Change Blog
Bandiera and Natraj, (2013) note that whenever we talk about gender, the topic of equity does not acquire the attention it demands. Women have been consistently underserved throughout the human history and although much has changed, there remains much to be addressed (In Givens et al., 2014). The feminist movement has been critical in the awakening of the society, particularly through the spread of awareness concerning equity and rights (Hooks, 2014). Therefore, at this juncture, it is important to acknowledge the role that psychology has played in the feminist movement as per Hooks’ (2015) perspectives in the book Feminism is for Everybody.
One of the key roles played by psychologists is the enhancement of self-recognition measures through the affirmation of the position of women in the society (Bandiera & Natraj, 2013). Additionally, the authors also claim that assessing the contribution of emotion and the general nature of women to the prevailing social condition is possible through the integration of psychology. In Givens et al., (2014) clearly highlight that Violence is also broadly considered as a faction of feminist psychology where feminists have showed the tendency to dispute the family structure as long as domestic violence exists.
According to Bandiera and Natraj (2013), it is regrettable that the modern society has not embraced differences in ethnicity and that such differences further undermine the well-being of women in the society. The author also points out that African-American women have been the most notable recipients of gender oppression that has been exaggerated by the relationship between ethnic groups. Ideally, Hooks (2015) asserts that there are different metrics and indicators of gender equity that include life expectancy disparity, political empowerment, access to education, and distribution of opportunity. Therefore, gender inequality should remain a priority to every person, particularly because it affects the entire population as per In Given et al. (2014) views. Moreover, some of the actions committed against women such as rape, physical violence, and murder are beyond the denial of the basic human rights in agreement with the above authors’ points of view. Although women...

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Uploaded by:   CaseyP

Date:   04/24/2017

Category:   Sociology

Length:   2 pages (445 words)

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Social Change Blog

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