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Social Justice

Uploaded by CaseyP on May 15, 2018

Social Justice
Humanity gets fractured when humans neglect other beings. All humans are interdependent and the vulnerable deserve conscientious consideration and a level of care. If nations have the capacity to prevent anything bad from happening without foregoing anything comparable to moral importance, then they have to do it (Singer, 1972). Nations have an obligation to help the disadvantaged in other nations.
Nations need to assist the disadvantaged in other nations to realize global peace and security. The argument goes that the less fortunate are more vulnerable to exploitation and will do anything to solve their problems. Terrorists, drug dealers, and other ill-intended organizations will exploit such opportunities to recruit them into their fold. They will be used to advance all ill intentions. Therefore, to realize global peace nations have a duty to care for the disadvantaged in other countries. In doing so, there will be equity, peace and cordial coexistence.
Nations need to assist the disadvantaged in other nations to create and maintain grounds for trade. Nations interdepend on each other and to achieve maximum commerce, one nation needs to assist the other in solving the issues that pull it back such as hunger and disease. For example, the amount required to prevent malnutrition around the world is similar to the budget spent in cigarette advertising in the United States (Andre & Velasquez, 2015). Therefore, America can prevent deaths from malnutrition by forgoing its cigarette budget. In choosing to assist, it will forego little and help in realizing full potential in the other nation. It will, in turn, open up opportunities for trade. There will be a maximum two-way trade for the nations.
In conclusion, nations have a responsibility towards the poor in other countries. It will assist in maintaining global security and justice. Nations have a moral duty towards others to create and maintain conducive environments for commerce. It is paramount in fighting inequalities mostly to the minority and vulnerable.

Andre, C., & Velasquez, M. (2015). World Hunger: A Moral Response. Santa Clara University.
Singer, P. (1972). Famine, affluence, and morality. Philosophy & Public Affairs, 229-243.

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Uploaded by:   CaseyP

Date:   05/15/2018

Category:   Philosophy

Length:   2 pages (344 words)

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