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Social Security Arbitration. The process of arbitration is one that is binding and conclusive.

Uploaded by CaseyP on Feb 15, 2017

Social Security Arbitration
The process of arbitration is one that is binding and conclusive. Parties involved have the mandate to ensure that they abide by the decisions that are arrived at (Resnik, 2014). The arbitration process could entail an individual, or the court may be involved in resolving the dispute in question.
The decision to have an individual oversee the process of arbitration in social security and Medicare could have varied effects. The first regards the aspect of the viability of the decision arrived at. It is the duty of the affected persons to adhere to the decisions that have been reached by the individual arbitrator. The approach may not be binding since each of the aggrieved parties is at its discretion to abide by or reject the decision that is reached.
An arbitration process officiated by a government-appointed judge is efficient considering the criteria outlined for execution of the entire process. The government appointed judge will describe the rules that will guide the whole process of arbitration. The judge will equally inform the affected parties in the social arbitration case of the rules that will govern the entire process. The judge will finally notify the affected parties of the stakes at hand. The final decision that is arrived at will be binding.
The goal of arbitration is to see to it that a solution is reached by all those who are affected. The resolution should be fair and equitable to all those affected (Resnik, 2014). The government appointed judge will have the responsibility of overseeing the process by the existing legal procedures. Evidently, the choice of a government-appointed judge in an arbitration process has the likelihood of achieving the best results that are binding to all those affected.

Resnik, J. (2014). Diffusing Disputes: The Public in the Private of Arbitration, the Private in
Courts, and the Erasure of Rights. Yale LJ, 124, 2804.

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Uploaded by:   CaseyP

Date:   02/15/2017

Category:   Law

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Social Security Arbitration. The process of arbitration is one that is binding and conclusive.

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