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Soldier Boy - War benefits no one

Uploaded by dang on Feb 17, 2008

The quote “war benefits no one” is definitely true. As seen through the experiences of Jim Martin, death, sorrow and pain show that there is no benefit gained from war, especially for those families who are left behind with only thought of the dead to think about.

The definition of war is: a state of prolonged violent, large scale conflict involving two or more groups of people. However, this statement does not entirely describe what war is. War is just more than a large scale conflict: it is a massacre where soldiers are sent to die. War is meaningless and doesn’t achieve anything.

When Jim Martin, the youngest ANZAC, set out to join the army, he thought that adventure and honour were waiting for him. Little did he know that he, a brave and strong lad - “the fittest specimen,” was going to die in a few months and leave behind only sadness and pain. Although Jim only started to understand the true meaning of war after it was too late, this was also the case for many others.

War can mean many things for people. For some, it can mean death and disaster, while for others, like Jim Martin, it can mean something exciting and exhilarating. Propaganda can manipulate many people (especially the latter group), and it takes advantage of the people who don’t understand what war really is. Abundant amounts of people are misled, and where there are those who are ineligible to enter, there are always others to replace them. “Never mind, Dad. I’ll go instead.”

War strips the economy of resources and money since everything is diverted towards the war. This affects the people on the Home Front, since all their production efforts are geared towards supporting the war effort. This results in a lack of culture and livelihood as well as everyday items such as metal, stainless steel and iron (which are saved for ammunition and weapons). In “Soldier Boy,” it can be seen that lots of money and supplies were being used in ships and for the men on board, such as the ship Southland with all of the food on board for the army. Also, money would have to be sent to make and run the Australian General Hospital in Heliopolis.

Psychological stress on both the soldiers and the families at home is...

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Uploaded by:   dang

Date:   02/17/2008

Category:   Literature

Length:   2 pages (490 words)

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Soldier Boy - War benefits no one

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