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Specific Internet Search Methodology

Specific Internet Search Methodology

This paper provides a description for a process of finding resources and information sources for a specific topic research. The selected topic is ”Main distribution channels for Israeli products to the Arab and Muslim world”.

This topic was a challenge since the issue is one that companies / countries will try not to disclose. Any detailed disclosure might endanger the business and have political consequences.

Additional problem was that no specific industry was selected. I have decided to perform a general internet search on the topic and then to select one industry – telecommunication – and get more information through direct contact with people in this industry.

A major source for information is the Israeli Export Institute. I have tried to contact it through e-mail and through their forum in IOL but got no respond. It is clear to me that significant information and help can be obtained through it once there is a specific need. I got a direct phone reference to there but have not used it.

The following export channels were identified using the search:

1. Direct export to the Palestinian authority

2. Export to Jordan and from them to Gulf States and other Muslim countries.

3. Export through Egypt (dependent on the peace process situation)

4. Dummy companies in Cyprus, Greece and Western Europe

5. International partners / OEM channels such as Siemens and Alcatel.

6. Contacts can be achieved through the Israel Export Institute, The Israel Manufacturers Association and the Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce.

Internet Search

The internet search was done using 2 search tools: Google and Coppernic 2001 Pro.

I have compared the results of the two search engines in order to determine their efficiency.

I have used both the Google search engine in English and the Google search engine in Hebrew. Since the topic was closely relate to Israel I have assumed that I will find additional results in Hebrew. For each of the Google search engines I have reviewed the first 50 results.

The Coppernic search engine is built around categories. It has a general web category which uses several internet search engines like Yahoo. In addition I have used the following categories: “The Web”, “Sales & Marketing”, “Business & Finance” and “Newspapers”.

I have started the internet search with a search string that included the full topic and then refined it and changed it to be more specific. The quality of results was very dependent on the search string....

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Specific Internet Search Methodology

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