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Speech on Scene 5 of Streetcar Named Desire

Uploaded by xsparklyvix on Sep 06, 2005

A streetcar named Desire possesses many themes and scene 5 is no exception. The first predominant theme in scene 5 is the theme of ‘fate’. The theme of fate is evident from the beginning of the play, A streetcar running unswervingly along the rail to its destination is a symbol of the inexplicability of fate. To be driven by desire is self destructive yet the victims are carried along helplessly unable to escape. Blanche’s fate is preordained and this is stressed in the streetcar image. This theme of ‘fate’ is exemplified in Scene 5 through Blanche’s passion for horoscopes. Blanche’s keen interest in analysing over personality via the starts supports Tennessee’s belief in fate and that Blanche is being engulfed.
By Blanche’s inability to control her own actions she becomes ‘dependent’ on others. This is a key theme of scene 5. Blanche admits to Stella, “I want Mitch very badly, if it happens I can leave here and not be anybody’s problem”. Blanche sees marriage to Mitch as her means of escaping destitution. However, due to men’s exploitation of her sexuality she is left with a poor reputation thus is a poor marriage proposal/ Blanche cannot see her dependence on men will lead her to her downfall rather than salvation. By relying on men Blanche puts her fate in the hands of others.
Another theme in this scene is the idea of love and lust. Scene 5 shows us different variations over the theme of love encapsulates different people. From the interchange between Eunice and Steve we can see how a marriage similar to Stella and Stanley’s ultimately will turn out. The couples love for each other will eventually be strong enough for them to stay together but this will also result in wild rows. This is much contrasted to Blanche’s position. She seeks security and attention and lusts for love from any man. This is exemplified in her flirtation with Stanley, the young man and finally her date, Mitch.
This brings us to the characterisation of scene 5. From this scene it is evident Blanche cannot control her desires from when she tries to flirt with the young man. Having only come to collect the money she quickly kisses him, this shows the erraticness of her behaviour and constant need for security. Through this incident Blanche reveals her hypocrisy- she is lustful underneath the genteel, morally upright façade. Blanche condemns...

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Uploaded by:   xsparklyvix

Date:   09/06/2005

Category:   Plays

Length:   3 pages (580 words)

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Speech on Scene 5 of Streetcar Named Desire

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