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Sports in Australian Society

Uploaded by Panda05 on Dec 29, 2004

Sport in Australian Society

Australian people's lives are greatly affected by sport. In Australia, most people will either participate in sport or watch sport, weather it at the arena or on television, what ever you do it would be hard not be caught up in all the hype surrounding sport. A lot of people will participate on weekends at a social level, but some people will play representative sport, that is the reason that many Australians have come to think of themselves as a great sporting nation. It is these ideas that have allowed Australian athlete's to become world champions.

People participate in sport not only for the physical values but the values of team spirit, sportsmanship, relaxation and for some financial rewards. Sport is - one or more people competing against another team or individual to see who will win. Sport also is - a game played at a non-competitive level. Some people however believe that competitive sport causes narrow-mindedness or that winning and competition lead to individualism and selfishness. Sport is open to people of any age or race. Anyone can participate in sport, however as you get older you may be limited physically to the amount or sport you play. Some other limitations may be the resources available, your age, your time available or the costs involved. A survey was said to be conducted by the courier mail titled, "Yes, We Really Are Sports Mad". The survey had the following results, 88% people in capital cities play sport with 1 in every 2 of those people taking part in at least four sports a week. Swimming was seen to be the favorite sport among participants with tennis, fishing, snooker and pool close behind. Also in this survey it was said 2 out of 3 Australians that live in capital cities will go to at least one sporting match a year.

The reason a large number of Australian lives are affected by sport is because you hear about it every day, weather it be on the radio, in a newspaper or on television. The Courier-Mail devotes a section of the paper just to sport and so does the news services. On Foxtel and Galaxy there are two sports channels and on Optus Vision there are three. On the AM radio stations, there will be three or four minutes every half hour on sport. A large section of the media is devoted...

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Uploaded by:   Panda05

Date:   12/29/2004

Category:   Sports

Length:   4 pages (891 words)

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Sports in Australian Society

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