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Stem Cell Research

Uploaded by CaseyP on Dec 14, 2016

Stem Cell Research
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Stem Cell Research
Stem research is a significant stride in the field of biomedicine. Through this field, scientists have been able to find out various developments that have taken place. The research entails the study of molecule antimicrobials and the modern genetics. Besides, there has been the study of cell therapy and genomics. Stem cells are immature cells that keep dividing to produce more and more cells. The cells produce stem cells, or they can transform into specialized cells such as heart, liver, skin or brain cells. The paper is going to discuss the various types of stem cells, the science, and ethics behind them.
Stem cells are of different types. For example, the embryonic, adult and iPS stem cells. The embryonic stem cell is said to be found in the embryos, and it matures to become a specialized type of cell in the body. These cells can be obtained from a variety of sources. These sources include embryonic stem cell lines, those embryos that are generated from the nuclear genome transfer and finally, these cells can be gotten from unused in vitro fertilization procedures. Besides, adult stem cells are obtained from the bone marrow. The adult stem cells are usually obtained after birth. Study shows that these adult cells have the ability to develop into various types of cells. To sum up, the IPS cells are the type of cells that are in most cases produced in the laboratories. These cells play various roles in body development and growth (Austin, 2012).
Also, research that has been conducted based on the stem cells has shown that these cells have two crucial features (Campo-Ruiz, 2012). The first characteristic is that these cells have the ability to renew themselves. The renewal process takes place through the cell division. Another significant feature of the stem cells is that they have capacity to become tissue cells. The feature is usually achieved under some specific controlled experimental conditions. When these cells have been modified, they perform specific functions in the body. Besides, scientific investigations have shown that cell division takes place in some specific parts of the body such as the gut.
Biologically, it is evident that stem cells grow into the different type of cells in the body that are modified to perform various functions. Two or more of these cells are combined to make a body tissue. The tissue in the body...

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Uploaded by:   CaseyP

Date:   12/14/2016

Category:   Biology

Length:   4 pages (966 words)

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Stem Cell Research

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