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Uploaded by woroniukashleygmailcom on Nov 25, 2019

Switzerland (French Suisse; German Schweiz; Italian Svizzera), federal republic in west central Europe, bounded on the north by France and Germany, on the east by Austria and Liechtenstein, on the south by Italy, and on the west by France. The country has an area of 41,288 sq km (15,941 sq mi). Its largest city is ZüSwitzerland is one of the most mountainous countries of Europe, with more than 70 percent of its area covered by the Alps, in the central and southern sections, and the Jura, in the northwest. The Swiss Alps are part of the largest mountain system in Europe, and are famous for their jagged peaks and steep gorges. There are several ranges within the Alps, including the Pennine range, which has Switzerland’s highest peak, the 4634-m (15,203-ft) Dufourspitze of Monte Rosa. The Jura (Celtic for “forest”) are much lower and smaller than the Alps, and are popular for cross-country skiing. The renowned Swiss watchmaking industry began in the Jura Mountains.
Mediterranean plants and trees such as the palm, magnolia, chestnut, walnut, apple, pear, cherry, and almond grow in the lowlands and on the Swiss plateau. Highly productive forests cover about 26 percent of the total land area, primarily at elevations between about 550 and 2000 m (about 1800 and 6500 ft). Deciduous forests of beech, maple, and oak are characteristic below about 1400 m (about 4500 ft), and coniferous forests, primarily of pine and fir, flourish above that height. At higher elevations, the flora consists of Alpine species such as edelweiss, anemone, lily, and mugho and Swiss pines.
Chamois and marmots inhabit the Alpine regions. The forests contain foxes and many species of birds, including woodpeckers and blue jays. Trout are common in the streams, and salmon are found in several rivers. The population of Switzerland (1996 estimate) is about 7,207,060, he capital of Switzerland is Bern, with a population (1991 estimate) of 134,510.

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Uploaded by:   woroniukashleygmailcom

Date:   11/25/2019

Category:   Geography

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