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Uploaded by DEV0004 on Sep 10, 2019

Eleven years in the prison usually changes a person in some ways or another, it makes them realize that they’ve done wrong and more often than not, teaches them a life lesson, but that might not be the case with all of us.
56….57….58…...59….9:07 am. The past week has been dreadfully long and monotonous but let’s face it, hasn’t every single week in prison been like that? I have been counting each and every second I spend in this cell now I only have 2 hours 53 minutes before I am free. Free to eat anything I want, free to go where I feel like and most importantly free to change out of this baggy prison clothes. I thought long and hard and rummaged through my train of thoughts to make sure I had no remaining doubts on what I plan to do when I step out of this place.
Warden Joe came to get me at exactly 12:00 noon and I gave my cell a final look. I glanced at the bed which was harder than a brick wall, the toilet seat which was colder than a terrorist’s heart and the wall which was darker than soot. I muttered underneath my breath,” Nah, I ‘m not going to miss any of this”. What a waste of a minute and thirteen seconds.
There was a bit of paper work to get done first and that frustrated me. Patience always was and will always be my, Achilles heel, but nevertheless, waiting for a bit couldn’t possibly hurt. My feet were trembling as a sign of impatience, my heart was beating quicker than ever before, exhilaration was bubbling up inside my stomach and all in all, I felt a cool dose of adrenaline rush through me. I took a glance at the legal documents and I couldn’t make anything out. I’m pretty sure I had forgotten to read while I was in prison, because it all seem Greek to me. After what seemed like an eternity, the paperwork was done and dusted.
I walked down the isolated hallway which led me to exit doors. I had dreamt of this moment since the day I had been put behind the bars. It was believed that I was only few steps away from what I wanted for countless number of years.
My footsteps echoed as I neared the exit. The door...

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Uploaded by:   DEV0004

Date:   09/10/2019

Category:   Personal

Length:   2 pages (480 words)

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