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Uploaded by DEV0004 on Sep 10, 2019

I trudged along the rocky footpath as the sole of my boot scraped across the uneven surface. I was on my way home from my friend’s house so I decided to take a short cut by crossing an area that was under construction. As I continued walking, the heat became uncomfortably hot as the scorching sun penetrated my skin, beads of sweat rolled down my face as I tried to resist the extreme heat. Suddenly, an aroma of opulent fresh fruit pervaded the air as I lifted my head up to see where it came from. I saw nothing, but was delighted as I inhaled deeply, the fragrance touching the depths of my lungs. I looked at the wrist watch as the green numbers read, 1:00pm. I had to be home by 3:00, so I have enough time to see where this wonderful smell was coming from. With that, I dashed off sniffing my way.
After hours of fruitless searching, I stopped to catch my breath. I sat down on a rock and wheezed as I was out of breath. Once I had my respiratory system working properly, I looked around to see where the aroma had bought me.
I was in the midst of a large forest where Vines were dangling from the sky, and where monkeys were upon them. Also, a windy tree grew wildly as it created different patterns. The thick canopy blocked out the sunlight as tiny threads of light peeked through small gaps. Thick foliage grew on either side of me. Mysterious fruits hung from branches of plants, as there vibrate colour glowed against the faint light. I was left in utter silence as I was mesmerised by the beauty of the forest. Recovering from my stupor, I realised that that I had to continue my search for the fragrance.
I got up, but immediately sat down. Why did I sit down? I asked to myself. I shook of the thought and thought that it was just my brain playing tricks on me, as I got up again. I sat down, without wanting to. Terribly confused and perplexed of waiting was happening, I tried to get up again, but with no prevail. Suddenly, a small headache started to form in the back of my skull which soon turned into my whole head throbbing. I cried in agony as it grew. I fell of the...

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Uploaded by:   DEV0004

Date:   09/10/2019

Category:   Personal

Length:   4 pages (923 words)

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