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(TQM) Total Quality Management Implemented in LL Bean Co.

(TQM) Total Quality Management Implemented in LL Bean Co.

Introduction: After much debate on a topic for this paper, it became quite clear that I would be taking from this course a newfound Love of (TQM) Total Quality Management. While we have covered many aspects of production management over this semester, I have become a huge advocate of this management philosophy. I find my self-using the principle of TQM in my daily life at work. I have even taken out my textbook in meetings several times.

As for a case I had another dilemma and I was struggling a lot with my choice of a case, and than it happened, right before my eyes on CNBC was the President & CEO (Chris McCormick) of L.L Bean Co. After watching the interview with Mr. McCormick and seeing video footage from inside of their production facility it was a sign that this should be my case study. Mr. McCormick spoke of all three elements of TQM in the interview. After visiting their web site and reading about the company and their history I believe that this company is the textbook image of a company that lives and breaths TQM. This Company possesses all three major components that embody the essence of TQM, Continuous improvement, involvement of every one in the organization, and a goal and guarantee of total customer satisfaction.

What is (TQM) Total Quality Management? TQM Can is classified as a management philosophy where the needs of the customer are not only met but also exceeded, where there is a culture or an environment created that encourages all employees to pursue never-ending improvement in the quality and productivity of products and services of the company. “TQM expands the traditional view of quality (which looks only at the quality of the final product or service) -to a level of quality that encompasses every aspect of the process that produces the product or service. TQM is a system that is intended to keep poor quality from happening in the first place.”(1)

Implementing TQM results in greater customer satisfaction, reducing operating costs, and enhancing the company’s bottom line. The concept behind the philosophy is that in most companies the cost of doing business has large potential for waste. If we think about how much time is spent on customer problems, re-doing work, tracking down information, or waiting on other people or suppliers we can...

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(TQM) Total Quality Management Implemented in LL Bean Co.

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